The first part of the Knights of Liöfwende trilogy

Robin: Spiggot is a young boggart, an apprentice smith, who lives in one of the boggart villages of Rutland. Typically squat and hairy, he nevertheless has a “soul as fine as muslin” and dreams of being a hero. His father sends him to deliver a golden suit of armour to the fairy king in Northumberland – a long trek, especially as they must avoid bridges because of trolls. He takes Kling, a talking – and very large – water rat to pull the cart. On the way they meet Jack, a lost mortal, who joins them in the hope of finding a way home.

Jack, being a twenty-first century teenager, is profoundly ignorant about faerie, but he gets a crash course, meeting all sorts, including bogles, goblins, elves, pixies, tylwyth teg and the starry drittles. He also unaccountably encourages the susceptible Spiggot to play fairy knight, and the brave boggart dons the precious armour for various clumsy, but successful, fights with monsters.

They encounter the enchantingly lovely but inwardly vile ulcugga fairies, allies of the wicked mortal sorcerer Mallmoc, and rescue the mediaeval mortal maid Rosamund from their clutches.

The next book is Mallmoc’s Castle.