The Trouble with TinkColumbine: So what is the trouble with Tinker Bell? Hot-tempered, certainly. Proud, yes. Careless with her tools? Unusual, but everyone has off days. Shy? Hardly. Scared of Peter Pan? Not in a million years! It seems highly unlikely to me that when Tink loses her hammer she would hesitate to fetch her spare from Peter’s den just because she hasn’t seen him for a while. Still, losing her hammer (really it was stolen by a crow) seems to have put her off her game, as her pot and pan repairs suddenly go haywire.

Rumour flies fast in Pixie Hollow, and soon the fairies are gossiping about Tink having lost her talent. Mean Vidia actually suggests she may be thrown out of the community! Even the Queen thinks she may be ill.

Eventually Tink’s faithful friend Terence learns the truth and offers to go with her to fetch her hammer. Emboldened by his support, Tink does go to see Peter – and gets quite a shock!

Apparently Tink has never liked to talk about the time she spent with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, but Terence is impressed by all the adventures she has had, and says she must know Never Land better than any of the other fairies, which I’m sure is true. One interesting story is about when Tink taught Peter how to fly.