Morlo and his motherColumbine: On the cover of this book you can see a boy swimming with a seal. But this is not just any seal – it is his mother, a selkie. In a moment he will become a seal himself, embracing his destiny as a child of the sea.

This is a truly lovely picture book, with especially gorgeous pictures of the Welsh coastal landscape. The story, told with poetic simplicity, explains how a particular Welsh village came to be deserted, inhabited only by the local wildlife. It begins when a selkie or seal woman falls in love with a local fisherman. Trusting him with her sealskin, she marries him and lives with him for many years before she has to go back to the sea. She has told their children, Ffion and Morlo, stories of life under the sea, of foam palaces and shining cities of gold and pearls.

When the villagers hear about life in the New World from a traveller, they are seized with a longing to go, but do not have enough money for the passage. Ffion and Morlo call their mother from the sea to ask if she can help. Morlo swims with his mother to bring up treasure from the deep.

This second picture is of Ffion, a child of the land although she is the daughter of a selkie.