Tinker Bell in Peter PanRobin: There were always known to be lots of Never Land fairies, of course, but until very recently only one had a name: Tinker Bell. She was too tiny to be seen on stage (actually I think she was played by a light and a bell), so it was not until the Disney film of Peter Pan that she “got her close-up”. I think she could be said to have stolen the film. Though that was a long time ago now, she has never been forgotten.

Clearly Tink (as everyone calls her) got tired of Peter at some point and just went home. The whole new world of Pixie Hollow was revealed in Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg and since then there have been lots of books and a film called Tinker Bell. She’s not the most important fairy or anything, but she is the best known and she has quite the personality.

Four fairies of Pixie HollowThe Never fairies live on the island Never Land, in Pixie Hollow, or Fairy Haven (the latter may be the part of Pixie Hollow they live in, I’m not sure). Queen Clarion is their gracious leader. There are girl fairies and boy fairies (called sparrow men) and each of them has a special ‘talent’ which takes up most of their time. This business of talents is very odd to my mind; it seems to stem from Peter’s casually describing Tinker Bell as a mender of pots and pans, something which James Barrie himself claimed was not true: “Peter had a bad habit of saying the first thing that came into his head”. However, she is a very keen tinker in this world. It is notable that the other fairies’ names do not seem to relate to their talents. These talents are apparently innate, and a source of joy to the fairies rather than a type of work, but it does seem to limit them quite a lot. Imagine being a polishing-talent fairy, for example, and doing lots of polishing every day. The animal-talent fairies understand and help animals, the nursing-talent fairies help the sick and the light-talent fairies put on light shows, but some of the talents are rather absurd like the “knowing-when-a-dish-is-done talent”.

Pixie Hollow is a bustling community and the fairies seem to have lots of fun, though they suffer a fair amount of angst, worrying about this and that. There are many dangers on the island, as we know, and they can get into serious trouble.

Four fairies of Pixie HollowHere are some of the chapter books:
Dulcie’s Taste of Magic by Gail Herman
Tink, North of Never Land by Kiki Thorpe
Prilla and the Butterfly Lie by Kitty Richards
Rani and the Three Treasures by Kimberly Morris
The Trouble with Tink by Kiki Thorpe
Beck Beyond the Sea by R. H. Disney

Of course Disney doesn’t stop at books! Apart from the Tinker Bell film they have more films coming out, and there are dolls and toys and a special Pixie Hollow attraction at their theme parks. The fairies even have their own Disney website, where you can “create your own fairy”! And there is a quite elaborate Pixie Hollow online game too.