Dulcie and TinkColumbine: Those Never fairies are such hard workers! Dulcie is a baking-talent fairy in charge of the Home Tree kitchen. Normally she just bakes all the time, so when Queen Clarion tells her to take some time off, she is at a loss what to do. She winds up at the library where she finds a hidden ancient recipe for “Comforte Cayke”. Of course she is eager to try it. But because she is not supposed to be working, she has to sneak around for the ingredients. Thus she explores a lot of Pixie Hollow and witnesses the talents of the fairies engaged in turning wheat into flour, collecting eggs, making sugar and so on. Finally she has to go on an adventure deep into the forest, to find the Creeping Treacle Vine. So she becomes both bolder and humbler, learning to appreciate the richness of life in Pixie Hollow and not to take the work of other fairies for granted.

Robin: I found it interesting that as the natural world is not imagined as fairy-sized in Pixie Hollow, just carrying one grain of wheat or a single robin’s egg is quite an effort for a fairy. The recipe calls for three sacks of flour to one egg. Hearing about all that hard work is so tiring, it makes me feel like taking a holiday myself!

This book is one of a series about the Never Fairies by Disney