A Little More Fairy Dust Please by Mary BaxColumbine: A good many books about or containing fairies are written for younger children, children who have not long since started reading for themselves or just want something quick and easy to read. These are of great interest from a fairy point of view, as representing the ideas influencing the humans most likely to encounter the more whimsical of the folk. Because there is a danger of them overwhelming the other books, they are given a category of their own.

Many of these books are in series, like the remarkable Rainbow Magic series which seems to go on and on, and the rather excellent Fairy Dust Fairies. Others are the Fairy Charm series, the Fairy House series, the Fairy Chronicles and the Naughty Fairies series. Not to be forgotten either are the Disney Fairies books set in Pixie Hollow on the island called Never Land.

There are also appearances of fairies in books such as The Magic Faraway Tree, and I might also have books of stories for the same age group.

It would be impossible to be exhaustive (without getting exhausted) but I hope to look at a few in each series. Oh, and I believe they are called “chapter books”, even though most books actually have chapters, because they are the first step up from picture books, which don’t.