Stella the Star Fairy is dressed in Christmas green and red, with a string of fairy lights round her waist and a feather boa round her neck. She is responsible for Christmas illuminations, Christmas tree lights and the stars that guide Santa’s sleigh. Her magic is tied to three decorations on the Fairyland Christmas tree: a candle, a bauble and a star, so when the goblins steal them she is very worried and asks Rachel and Kirsty for help.

The girls have already noticed things going wrong – the town’s Christmas lights have gone out, and their own tree’s fairy lights are broken – but they didn’t realize how serious it was. If they don’t get the magic star back by Christmas Eve, there won’t be any presents!

As usual, there are some very funny moments. It made me laugh when the goblin was torn between holding onto the candle and having his hands free to unwrap sweets. And you can’t help but smile at Kirsty’s father being so proud of having fixed the fairy lights when you know it has more to do with the rescue of the bauble. It is also funny that when Stella disguises the girls as goblins so that they can infiltrate the goblin village, they have to do their own mean and grumpy expressions – fairy magic can’t duplicate those!

Jack Frost doesn’t appear in this book, which concentrates on the goblins. It is sweet how the goblins seem to appreciate Christmas. All bundled up for the wintry weather, they can easily pass for human children. Rachel and Kirsty spot one singing Christmas carols in the town square, and others throwing snowballs after building a snow goblin. In the goblin village, Goblin Grotto, the goblins are having a party round their Christmas tree in the centre of the village, carrying lanterns, eating hot pies and singing carols. It is all very cosy. I hope they recover from the girls’ visit!

Stella the Star Fairy is one of the Rainbow Magic Christmas books by Daisy Meadows.