Columbine: The Rainbow Magic Christmas books introduce several fairies who have special Christmassy duties. In case you do not know the Rainbow Magic series, they all star those brave and resourceful girls, Rachel Walker and Kirsty Tate, friends of the fairies. The villains of the series are Jack Frost and his goblins, whose meanness and greed cause havoc both in Fairyland and in the human world. I sometimes think that the fairies are a little too dependent on the girls’ help; you would think they could sort out a problem or two on their own now and then, especially as they can practice magic quite freely in the human world. But then the girls are always so very willing to help, and have very good ideas about ways to use the fairy magic – and they are rather bigger than Jack and the goblins, while the fairies are really tiny. Quite often though it seems necessary for the girls to be shrunk down to fairy size to carry out their plans. I’m sure that is a big part of the fun for them!

Blonde Rachel and brunette Kirsty live some miles apart, but often visit each other. In the special Christmas books they usually spend the time before Christmas together, then split up to enjoy Christmas Day with their families. As if preparing for Christmas isn’t exciting enough, they are called on to stop Jack Frost from ruining the celebrations for everyone. It’s not that Jack doesn’t like Christmas: he loves parties and presents; but he has no Christmas spirit: he’s very selfish and doesn’t consider other people.

There are lots of Christmas doings in the books: shopping for presents, posting cards, picking out and decorating the tree, going carolling, making paper chains, stirring the Christmas pudding and so on. One time they take part in a pantomime and another they go on a skiing holiday. I especially like the many simple but entertaining illustrations and some of the magical solutions to problems are quite ingenious!

The books in the Christmas series are:
Holly the Christmas Fairy
Stella the Star Fairy
Paige the Pantomime Fairy
Chrissie the Wish Fairy
Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy