It spells trouble when Jack Frost doesn’t get the part he wants in the Fairyland pantomime – Prince Charming (some hopes!) – and decides to take his revenge by ruining all Christmas performances. Paige, a very cute fairy in a sparkly pink ballet dress, looks after the Christmas shows including pantomimes. As you’ll know if you have ever taken part in one, a lot can go wrong: with the costumes, the scenery, the props, not to mention the actors fluffing their lines, or the dancers falling over! Normally Paige can keep disasters to a minimum with her three magical items: the ballet shoe, the horseshoe and the glass slipper, but with Jack and his goblins out to steal them anything can happen.

Kirsty and Rachel are dancing in Cinderella, so they are naturally keen to help Paige. In between rehearsals they manage to track down the goblins who have taken the ballet shoe and the horseshoe, but the worst problem comes in the show itself. Jack Frost tries to get hold of the magical glass slipper, which is masquerading as one of the props, by acting in the pantomime himself (not as Prince Charming, however). His antics cause anxiety on stage but much hilarity in the audience.

Queen Titania and King Oberon find a really thoughtful way to thank the girls for their help at the end – but I won’t spoil the surprise!

Paige the Pantomime Fairy is one of the Rainbow Magic Christmas books by Daisy Meadows.