holly-coverHolly is in charge of putting the sparkle into Christmas. She wears red boots and a red hooded dress with a white furry trim, and with an outfit like than it won’t surprise you that she spends a lot of time with Father Christmas and his elves. She even teaches the reindeer to fly!

Holly needs Rachel and Kirsty’s help when Jack Frost makes off with Santa’s sleigh. When Jack realized he had been too naughty that year to deserve any presents, he decided to steal some intended for good little girls and boys. Though he opens lots of presents – and before Christmas Day too – he is still dissatisfied, “Why can’t I get a really nice present?” he wonders. Shockingly we find he is even prepared to steal the Fairy King’s present.

The most exciting part of this adventure is when the girls venture into Jack Frost’s ice castle and are captured by the goblins. Kirsty’s clever trick turns Jack’s greed against him, and the girls get to fly Santa’s sleigh home in triumph. What could be a better Christmas treat than that?

Holly the Christmas Fairy is the first of the Rainbow Magic Christmas books by Daisy Meadows.