gabriela-coverKirsty and Rachel are having a holiday at a winter sports resort and looking forward to the Winter Festival, when they notice the snow is unusually hard: painful to fall on, pretty useless for building snowmen and downright dangerous for snowballs. When a fairy pops up, you can pretty much guess – those light-fingered goblins have been at it again. Gabriella, who is definitely an outdoor fairy, sensibly wears furry earmuffs and carries a white fur muff.

Gabriella’s Magic Snowflake, hung every year on the Fairyland Christmas Tree, makes snow soft and fluffy. Now it is gone… with goblin footprints round the tree. Spotting some goblins playing in some suspiciously nice snow nearby, Gabriella turns the girls into snowmen so they can approach and snatch the sparkly snowflake away. But they are seen and the goblins race away on sleds and snowboards only to plough into a big snowdrift. It seems they were acting on Jack Frost’s orders – he is throwing a big party and wanted to provide good snow for his own guests. I don’t see why he shouldn’t have it for a short time – but of course he would never just ask, and stealing is always wrong.

Also missing is the potion of Festive Cheer, kept in a silver chest in the fairy palace. Doing his own dirty work this time, Jack snuck in amusingly disguised as a carol singer. At Jack’s Ice Castle Gabriella disguises Rachel and Kirsty as delivery girls bringing a cake for the party. The picture shows a gorgeous cake: designed like a toboggan slide it has a tiny figure of Jack Frost on a marzipan sledge, snow geese and some goblins playing. The girls see goblins preparing for the party, and they meet the goblin chef who is preparing festive food. It proves easy to get back the Festive Spirit – it has put Jack into such a good mood he just hands it over!

Unfortunately the good mood is only temporary. Furious at being ‘tricked’, Jack sends goblins to steal the Firestone, without which it will be very chilly in the human world (and no fireworks!). However, the girls overhear the goblins wondering what to get Jack as a present for his party since he already has everything he needs – and Rachel has the bright idea of having Gabriella magic up an ice sculpture of Jack Frost himself for the goblins to give him. They agree to exchange it for the Firestone, and Jack really likes it (vain old thing!). It doesn’t say how his party went, but Jack in a good humour would make all the difference, I’m sure.

Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy is one of the Rainbow Magic Christmas books by Daisy Meadows.