One snowy day, Rachel and Kirsty have a strange encounter with a goblin in a pillar box before meeting Chrissie, who floats down on a snowflake wearing a white party dress trimmed with red. She has heard from Holly that Jack Frost has sent goblins to hunt for her magic card, magic spoon and magic carol sheet.

Chrissie has hidden them in the mortal world, apparently at random, to help spread seasonal wishes and make them come true. These Christmas fairies are not very good at keeping an eye on their responsibilities it seems! Perhaps it is something to do with having three things to look after. Eventually Chrissie decides that the goods will be safest at Rachel’s house, especially as the goblins are scared of her dog Buttons.

One of the high points is when two goblins fight over the magic spoon which makes all Christmas food taste delicious, and make a terrible mess in the kitchen. When Chrissie crossly confronts the goblins, they actually seem quite scared of her. Mrs Walker has taken Buttons for a walk, but Mr Walker nearly catches them! Another exciting moment is when the girls (fairy-sized) and Chrissie are going down a chimney and see a letter floating upwards to summon Jack Frost.

All ends happily, thanks to the girls’ wise use of a wish, even for Jack and the goblins. A Happy Christmas all round. Now that is the way to end a book!

Chrissie the Wish Fairy is one of the Rainbow Magic Christmas books by Daisy Meadows.