Escape from the Carnivale coverColumbine: This exciting story is part of the Never Land series introduced by Peter and the Starcatchers. In this book the mermaids of Mermaid Lagoon have golden skins with green hair and tails. They are telepathic, but have learned to speak Mollusk and English. They have a beautiful and stern leader, Teacher. Surf and Aqua are playful young mermaids, identical except for their hair decorations.

Surf is looking for pearls with her twin sister Aqua and her friend Little Scallop of the Mollusk Tribe when she is captured by the crew of the Carnivale. The Carnivale is a carnival ship, a travelling show, and the captain plans to keep the mermaid as a star attraction. He imprisons her in a tank on deck along with various freakish sea creatures. Surf is especially scared by a scissorfish which tries to cut her long hair.

Little Scallop devises a clever plan to free her, using dolphins to distract the crew while James of the Lost Boys climbs aboard the ship. Meanwhile Hook and his pirates, currently shipless, build a raft with the intention of taking the Carnivale for themselves.