Columbine: Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep is the second in the series about the young half-mermaid.

Emily Windsnap, Shona Silkfin and their parents, plus Millie the psychic, have arrived at their new home, Allpoints Island in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. It is an enchanting place but Emily wastes little time getting into trouble yet again!

Emily is so eager to impress her new classmates that she is prepared to trespass in the forbidden lagoon, even though she does not plan to wake the destructive Kraken early from its hundred year sleep. Far from a Sleeping Beauty, the Kraken is Neptune’s pet monster, used by him to drag ships underwater. But this time even Neptune cannot control him, and you can imagine how pleased the irascible king is about that! It looks as though the only haven for merfolk and humans to live together in peace will be shaken apart before our friends have even settled in.

The narration of this book is shared between Emily, as before, and her former schoolmate Mandy. But surely, you’re thinking, Mandy is back in rainy old Brightport, miles and miles away from the Bermuda Triangle! Well, by an extraordinary coincidence, Mandy’s family (all pretty awful!) have won a cruise holiday in the Caribbean. I suspected some explanation for the coincidence would be forthcoming – some hanky-panky behind the scenes – but if so, we don’t get to hear about it in this book. Grumpy Mandy and her parents are the first victims of the Kraken, and are rescued by Emily. In return, they plan to capture her to exhibit her in Brightport (I told you they were awful).

The next book is Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist.