The Purple EmperorRobin: This book is the second of The Faerie Wars Chronicles. It is my favourite of the series so far, despite the head-spinning speed of the shifts between the characters and their different storylines.

Pyrgus is not entirely happy about becoming the Purple Emperor – and suddenly it appears he won’t have to be. Apatura Iris has returned – but unfortunately as a zombie in the power of Lord Hairstreak. Pyrgus and Holly are banished on suspicion of treason while the Faeries of the Night seem poised to take over. The demons are still plotting their own war, and there is a fermenting conspiracy of mind-controlling wyrms…

This time round it is Henry who has to cope with being in an outsized world. He enjoys the flying part, but then he encounters a tame spider (but how tame can spiders really be?) and a mad queen.

One of the most interesting things about this volume of the Faerie Wars Chronicles is the introduction of the Forest Faeries. They are the Hidden People of the Faerie Realm, similar to the fairies of Earth. Unseen and regarded as uncivilized “feral faeries” by the Faeries of the Light and Night, they are actually more numerous and sophisticated than anyone suspects. While owing no allegiance to the Faeries of the Light, they regard Lord Hairstreak as their enemy for building his new mansion in their forest.

The next book is Ruler of the Realm.