Ruler of the RealmRobin: This book is the third of The Faerie Wars Chronicles. Beleth the head demon has laid his plans carefully. He cannot get through to the Faerie Realm from Hael, but he can get to Earth. He sends one of his flying saucers after Henry. In time-honoured fashion, Henry is abducted and implanted, then returned to Earth with no memory of his three missing days. What are those aliens/demons up to this time?

After the devastating events of The Purple Emperor Holly Blue is now the Queen of Faerie. She cannot decide whether to attack the Nighters before they attack the Light forces, or to consider an alliance with them. She seeks the advice of an Oracle, but as Mr Fogarty points out, oracles are tricky to interpret.

When she and Henry magically disappear during a diplomatic mission, Pyrgus, Mr Fogarty and Holly’s head spy, the Painted Lady, are all baffled, and again enlist the help of the Forest Faeries. Lord Hairstreak seizes the opportunity to get onto a war footing once more. Holly must be found before hostilities break out.

Pyrgus finally gets to use his magical Halek crystal knife, which we first heard about in Faerie Wars. He also teams up with the Forest Faerie princess Nymphalis on a spying mission which has some rather unexpected results.

The next book is Faerie Lord.