Faerie Lord Robin: Faerie Lord is the concluding book of the Faerie Wars Chronicles. It is not war which threatens the Faerie Realm this time, but pestilence – though all it not as it seems. Temporal Fever is stealing the future years of anyone who catches it, including Mr. Fogarty, who didn’t have many future years to start with. Lord Hairstreak and his reluctant underlings Brimstone and Chalkhill are yet again up to something, but the jaw-dropping truth is not revealed until near the end. And that is after Brimstone is mad enough to summon the Midgard Serpent – yes, that Midgard Serpent – and hooks Loki too.

There is pleasingly little about Henry’s boring Analogue life, though enough to make you wonder at his ever returning to it. Madame Cardui, the Painted Lady, is less than enchanted by her visit there, finding even its sunshine unappealing. For a book which starts with a proposal and ends with a wedding, there is also less slush than you might expect. Romance is amusingly undermined by the mock-heroic scene devised by the trickster god.

Henry, that unlikely hero, is driven to wonder at one point if life could get any stranger: “He was in fairyland, halfway up a mountain with a little blue boy, talking to a giant hare.” Yes, weird, but wonderful.

Still in the works is Boy Brimstone, presumably the early life of the vile sorcerer, necromancer and demonologist who skulks through the Chronicles. His boyhood must have been long ago in the Faerie Realm, and perhaps we will learn more about the Purple Palace, even who lived there before the ascendancy of the Faeries of the Light. Most of the Chronicles characters would be too young to appear, but perhaps the Painted Lady? I am sure she had a fascinating life as a youngster. I wonder about her husband, the Great Myphisto, who performed miracles without magic. Could he have been from the Analogue World?

I am still hoping to see something of the Earth Realm faeries, if only to see how differently they had developed, if their magic had changed at all, for example. But perhaps they could play a larger part? After all, Earth (aka the Analogue World) is beset by the demon horde too.