Fairy Treasure by Gwyneth Rees Connie prefers television to books and doesn’t believe in fairies. Imagine! Just now she is lonely because her best friend has gone to live in Canada.

In Fairy Treasure, Connie is staying with her aunt and uncle, both writers, for the summer. They live in a small flat in Bluebell Hall, a stately home which is waiting to be sold. Connie’s Uncle Maurice tells her that there are fairies by the lake, but she thinks he is being silly.

One day, Connie sees something flying about in the library of the big house. Suddenly a book hits her on the head! She notices another book all sparkly with fairy dust. She later meets Ruby, a book fairy; instead of wearing a petal dress, she has a pinkish-red crepe-paper dress with a spiky hem and a petticoat of many layers of delicate tissue paper.

Because she once lost a precious ring and caused a lot of trouble for humans, Ruby has been set the task of rearranging all the library books. I liked the idea of arranging the books in order of excitingness, from “Unputdownable” to “Sends you to sleep” but I have a little suspicion the humans might not have considered it an expecially helpful deed! She will never finish though because the books are to be moved, so unless she can find the ruby ring, the little book fairy will be barred from fairyland forever.

Connie goes to visit the old owner of the ring, taking her some special bluebells, grown by fairy dust in July, and finds out more about its history and about the old lady’s family. Before the ring can be found, Connie has to go on a very unusual journey and gains a new respect for books.

This book is one of the Fairy Dust Fairies series.