Fairy Rescue by Gwyneth Rees Maddie, who suffers from asthma, is spending the summer at her grandparents’ house. Her mother seems to want to wrap her in cotton wool, thinking too many activities dangerous, so Maddie is lonely and bored until she meets Poppy, a flower fairy, out in the woods. Poppy cannot fly as she only has one wing, but she and Maddie manage to have plenty of fun.

Poppy invites her to a fairy party at night, but Maddie gets stranded in the woods without her inhaler and has another asthma attack. Poor darling! Queen Flora, queen of the flower fairies, sings a lullaby to Maddie to help her breathing. She learns that the party has been cancelled because Poppy and her fairy friends Primrose and Daisy have vanished. Maddie wants to help to track them down, but it seems someone is out to catch all the fairies. Book fairies, dream fairies and tooth fairies have have also disappeared.

When Maddie finds Poppy thrown away in the garden rubbish because she is not a “perfect specimen”, she guesses a ruthless collector is at work. He has made a big mistake, because now Poppy can identify him. All the Fairy Queens (from the other books in the series) gather to discuss the problem. Horace, an old man who used to collect butterflies, is suspected, and Maddie and her grandfather go around to confront him. When Maddie and Poppy finally find the lost fairies they are nearly trapped with them, but Poppy’s ingenuity saves the day.

This book is one of the Fairy Dust Fairies series.