Fairy Gold by Gwyneth Rees Izzy is indignant when a fairy steals her tooth without leaving a gift – then she is visited by two real tooth fairies, Bonnie and Goldie, who want to interview her about the thief. Tooth fairies are very serious and hard-working, so much so that they regard flower fairies as fluttery and scatterbrained. They carry magic toothbrushes instead of wands!

Izzy’s sister Lucy and brother Thomas, who do not believe in fairies, are forced to change their minds when the fairies visit, especially when a bad fairy called Precious takes their grandfather’s dentures and demands Lucy’s saved baby teeth as ransom. Unfortunately Grandpa thinks Thomas has taken them as a mean joke. Then naughty Precious kidnaps Izzy, shrinking her down to fairy size with fairy dust.

Lucy and Thomas want to rescue her before their parents find out, so the tooth fairies help by sprinkling their beds with fairy dust to make them look occupied. Then the children must learn to fly so they can find Precious.

In this book the great mystery is revealed – what do the tooth fairies do with all those teeth? No, I’m not going to give it away!

This book is one of the Fairy Dust Fairies series.