Columbine: Fairy Dust is the first of the charming Fairies series which especially appeal to young girls, as the leading characters are all girls under ten. Typically they are living away from home and are feeling rather lonely when they meet the fairies. These fairies are the familiar children’s-story variety, tiny, pretty, winged and mostly good-natured. They are everywhere, mostly flower fairies, but other sorts too. You just have to be in the right mind to see them as well as in the right time and place. They sometimes carry wands, but their magic comes from fairy dust. The sparkle of fairy dust can also only be seen by some children and very rare grown-ups.

Fairy Dust and the others are very entertaining books, easy to read quickly and with comfortingly satisfying endings. It is not surprising they are so popular. The heroines are friendly and helpful girls and the fairies are very cute. It usually seems to be girls with some sadness in their lives who see the fairies in these books, but there are plenty of parties and jolly times.

It is funny to see the arguments between those who have seen fairies and those who do not believe in them! The fairy dust magic is used quite charmingly, and the visits to the various fairylands show interesting glimpses of the lives of the fairies. Though the fairies are all rather similar, their having different responsibilities adds a pleasing diversity.

Books in the series:

Fairy Dust
Fairy Treasure
Fairy Dreams
Fairy Gold
Fairy Rescue
Fairy Secrets

There is also a book of quizzes and puzzles featuring the different fairies from the books, called The Magical Book of Fairy Fun.