Robin: I want to show you some carvings on a rock in France. It is a very special rock called La Roche des Fees (The Rock of Fairies) near Ramatuelle.

The artist isn’t French, though. He comes from the ancient kingdom of Persia (where the fairies, you may remember, are called peris). His name is Ahmad Nadalian and I think he really has a feel for the spirit world. One of the things he is best known for is carving fishes on stones and throwing them into rivers. The idea is to invoke the spirits and repopulate the waters of the world.

A lot of his art is secret or partly concealed, like hidden treasure. It’s rather fascinating.

Here you’ll notice the association with the moon.

Columbine: I like this. It has a odd power to it. But we can hardly take it for the palace. It obviously just belongs here. Isn’t this where…

Robin: Shh! You don’t know who’s listening. Forget the palace for the moment, Columbine. Be inspired! It will give you perspective.

Rock of Fairies 3